Weekly Summary: Three

This week, I learned a lot more about the elements that go into storytelling, as well as the different ways to tell a story and present to an audience. Definitely, the biggest thing I learned was the relevance and importance of digital storytelling. Not all stories have to be the stereotypical book with pictures or words exchanged around a campfire. Given that we live in a time where technology is improving at such rapid paces, it make sense to place more emphasis on learning about the importance of generating and sharing digital stories. You can view a more in-depth response to this on my blog in the post on “What is ‘storytelling’?”.

It was also super helpful to think about stories and their overall shape. Kurt Vonnegut provided a simple and clear visual to understanding some of the stereotypical plot structures of stories. But it was also great to apply this to any and all other stories we know. Most do not ascend in the typical way one would expect. Rather they fluctuate up and down, from good to bad, not always ending in good as noted in my interpretation of the shape of The Great Gatsby.  Also in this post, I discussed how a video I viewed in my Sociology class is representative of digital storytelling. It employs all the techniques and elements of a digital story while moving across time and space, going from good to bad. For this assignment I looked up a general plot summary of The Great Gatsby, so as not to forget any key moments in the text. I then plotted the main events as points on Vonnegut’s spectrum ranging from good to bad. I connected these points and generated this fluctuating yet eventual downward sloping plot structure.

I liked having the ability to view past responses and stories from the class. I think that’s a super unique quality to this community, in that it keeps growing and we have the ability to feed off of one another. This improves the class for future students who will join the group! Being able to look at other stories from previous students gave me a greater insight into what a digital story is. It can take many shapes and forms, from picture to video. I chose to reflect on a students interpretation of a classical painting, Starry Night. The student approached the activity in a unique and creative way. It also gave me some ideas on how to manipulate already generated content and make it my own, new creation.

We created one of our first assignments this week, “Telling a Story in Photos.” I really enjoyed this one, and I think that picture media is a way in which I prefer to approach telling a digital story. You can view my assignment here, and you can further review my personal reflection on the assignment here. For this assignment I used a video on Facebook I posted. I had a hard time capturing clear images and screenshots, so I got frustrated. However, I clicked around and went to the “Edit Video” section. I was then able to save the actual thumbnails available to my computer and upload them together in a sequence for the blog post.

I had a hard time with the commenting activity. I enjoyed the comments left my others, but with some I wasn’t sure how to respond. I also, wasn’t sure how to leave a comment for other that would generate discussion. I felt that I left meaningful responses, but in the future I’d like to create more of an atmosphere for conversation. Should I ask questions? However, I did get some cool ideas for other blog posts in the future. I’m not sure specifically of those right now, but I liked the way some of the posts were formatted as well as the content. I thought the feedback I got was nice and interesting, but it didn’t necessarily call me to change anything or improve. I know my work wasn’t perfect, so I would’ve appreciated some more constructive criticism. But, overall I’m pleased that students within our community liked my posts.

I was only able to complete 3 daily creates this week. I procrastinated, not realizing how much work I have to do. Unfortunately, I have a paper and two tests this week, so I spent more time on those and forgot about DS106 🙁 So sad, but it will NEVER happen again! I won’t let the senioritis get to me 🙂 Here are the three which I did complete: Daily Create 1, Daily Create 2, Daily Create 3. For the first one, I thought this was a unique and cute assignment! I actually have a game, that’s like Apples to Apples, called Bubble Talk. In the game you match funny captions to an outrageous picture. For the second daily create, I liked that we got to do something to cheer up another classmate! I’ve had those moments where my computer suddenly crashes in the middle of a midterm paper, and it was NOT pretty. But, in the end I survived, and I hope that the pictures made Kelsey’s day a little better. I loved the third daily create! I thought of it right away and couldn’t wait to draw it up (because I was in class when I had this great revelation). BALL-E saved the day, and we can all go back to Earth now! But overall, I liked this one because it gave a whole new perspective on the movie in a fun and creative way.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this class. It’s challenging me to think in new and different ways about telling stories and media in a general. Thinking back to when I first started with this a few weeks ago, I’d definitely more comfortable with posting and creating content on my blog. I don’t have any questions right now, but I’m looking forward to what this next week’s assignments will be!


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