Weekly Summary: Two

I definitely enjoyed getting into the nitty-gritty of the class this week! It was definitely overwhelming in a lot of ways, but I liked being able to experiment and explore with the various assignments.

Overall, I executed and completed the assignments well. Each one was done fully and to the best of my own ability, and I didn’t allow the confusion and mistakes to keep me from completing each task. I had the most difficulty and trouble with installing the various plug-ins (Akisment, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) It was just something new and different that I’d never done before. However, I’ll say now that I felt very accomplished when I finished these and they actually worked! Like I tweeted, English majors can do computer assignments too!

My favorite part of this week was the Daily Creates! I loved them so much and they really got me thinking and using my imagination. I’m the kind of person who enjoys prompts to stir up ideas and projects.  Here are the links to my four Daily Creates and how I created them:

Hello ds106!

  1. Flickr Photo Introduction to ds106: For this assignment, I post the most recent “selfie” I’ve taken to introduce myself to the class.
  2. My second Daily Create for the week was recreating a movie slang with UK slang. This was a fun one, and I really enjoyed learning some new words too!

pug love for breakfast

3. My third DC was “What’s in your toast?” I had some trouble with this one at first because I didn’t know how to edit another image onto a previous image. I ended up using a website called Pixlr to lay the pug image over the image of the toast.

4. The final Daily Create for this week I just did today with the new format/website. I found this great image of a young woman walking up a set of stairs to a degrading clock. I thought this was a great representation of the quote, as I imagine the young woman making a decision between acceptance or resistance. I tweeted the image to the ds106 Daily Create Twitter account.

Besides the Daily Creates, I also really enjoyed creating my first Digital Storytelling Assignment! It definitely had its setbacks, but I was victorious in the end. I’m looking forward to the more I’ll have to do the rest of this semester. You can read about my experiment with this assignment here.

I learned the most through not only these original creations, but also through the two reflections required for this weeks activities. They brought a new perspective and approach to this class for me personally. My first reflection covers Gardner Campbell‘s talk and the second covers the presentation given by Michael Wesch.

Finally, I experimented with and customized my blog site more. I added an About Me page as well as a twitter feed and subscription widget.


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