Weekly Summary- Six

By far, this week has been my favorite of the whole class! Design is so interesting and new to me, yet something that has caught my attention. I enjoyed reading up on the various concepts and elements of Design as well as applying these into my own assignments this week. I feel that I completed all of the assignments to the best of my ability, even if I procrastinated some. I am still trying to figure out the best schedule to complete DS106 work each week. I had the most trouble with daily creates. Below, you will see that I only completed 3 (even though I promised a couple of weeks ago that this wouldn’t happen again! Sorry!!). Time management is definitely my weakest characteristic when it comes to this class. I most enjoyed completing the Design Assignments. Since this was a topic that I enjoyed learning about, it was even more interesting to apply this knowledge to my own creations. They were all fun and exciting, and I am proud of each creation I have shared on my website. I definitely learned a lot about Design in general. I never realized how detailed every element in a design is down to color choice and text style. It was truly eye-opening as well to see how these elements further influence an audience. As far as group work goes, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my group members this week, and I have good vibes for how we’ll all be interacting and completing the assignment. We have decided on general theme of science related topics for our radio show as well as our logo design. I do not have a copy of our logo to embed in this post because it was sent to me via text message. However, if needed I can figure out a way to provide it to you. (I’m assuming someone else will be including it in their blog post.).

Here are my posts for this week:

  1. Reflection on The Vignelli Canon
  2. DS106 DesignBlitz
  3. Daily Creates
    1. Draw Something You Bought Today– On this day it was national coffee day, so naturally I had to buy a cup of coffee. And actually, I didn’t even buy it because many place were giving away coffee in honor of this special holiday. Every sleep-deprived college students dream! For this image, I used Pixlr and attempted to draw an image of a coffee cup. In the physical world, I’m no artist. Unfortunately, I think this also applies in the digital world.
    2. Time Change– This is an image that I took at a Fall Retreat with InterVarsity. It was a beautiful view of the coming sunset through the chapel windows, looking into the valley below the mountain. Surprisingly, it was only 5 p.m. or so as the sunset began, a sure sign of the impending time change!
    3. Package Yourself– For my final daily create of the week, I posted this image of a pug in a box. In all fairness, I tried to take a picture of Zoe in a box, but she wouldn’t sit still. Anyways, I think this is what I would like packaged in a store. A bunch of cuddly fun, just popping out of a plain old box. Nothing fancy or flashy, just straightforward and ready to be purchased and taken home!
  4. Design Assignments
    1. Mr. Pugsly and the Treat Snatching
    2. Vintage-ify the Boardwalk (Ocean City, MD)
    3. Pugs Not Drugs
    4. Don’t Miss Manassas, VA!
    5.  Layer Tennis- The Space Pug
  5. Required Visual Assignment- Love at First Shot- Kaleidoscope

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