Weekly Summary: Seven & Eight

  1. Audio Assignments
    1. Radio Show Bumper
    2. Radio Show Commercial
    3. A Life in Two Minutes- A Proposal! (2.5 stars)
    4. Love Me Like You Do (Slow-Mo) (3.5 stars)
  2. Daily Creates
    1. Lasts– A picture taken to represent what I’ll me missing now that Summer has left and Fall is here! No more sunny walks with my pug. Now we have to bundle up and quicken our pace with this chilly, windy weather!
    2. One Word– I decided to write a poem from the word “certain” pulled from one of my favorite quotes by Beau Taplin. I enjoyed creating this assignment, being an English major. I really felt my creative juices flowing, and I just went where my mind took me.
    3. Bad habits are good for you– Here is a video I took on my phone. I used it to represent the bad habit I have of texting/using my phone in general while walking around. This is definitely a bad habit of our generation, but I was able to take on a new perspective by showing the world how you can capture everything around you via the camera on your phone.
    4. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky– A story of my luckiest/best day in just one sentence. I’d give anything for this day right now!
    5. Fake flyer– A flyer I created and hung up in my apartment complex! I think it’s definitely good advice to hug a pug and keep calm in the stress of life. I’ve also transformed this great advice into a lifelong event. You can always hug a pug, whenever and wherever. I’m happy to help anyone locate a pug near them, or allow you to borrow my own for hugging purposes.
  3. Radio Show Reflection- For our Radio Show, we made a unanimous decision to do a health sciences/medically themed show. A few members in our group felt strongly interested in discussing some of the topics which we covered, and the rest of us had enough general knowledge to go forward with the decision. We started using Canvas to initially organize ourselves (deciding group name, theme, etc.), then we switched to an app called GroupMe which allows several people to create a group chat/text message. We used this (and email) for the remainder of coordinating and completing the radio show. A couple people (Ashlyn & Stephanie) were very eager to lead and take charge within the group, dispersing responsibilities and such. I appreciated this because sometimes group projects can be slow going, but everyone in our group cooperated to complete the assignment timely and efficiently! I think the easiest part was completing our individual tasks. Because we did a good job of dividing up the work evenly, I feel that everyone had a clear understanding of their own responsibilities to complete for the radio show. The hardest part was definitely trying to find the time to meet up in person as a group and make decisions. Our schedules ended up not cooperating with one another, so that is why we decided to rely so heavily on using GroupMe to communicate with one another throughout the process. As I said before, several people had great ideas about how to best divide up the work. I chose to contribute to the show via the Introduction. Not being a science minded person (English major), I figured I could do something creative with the Intro that would add more to the show than a segment on a health-science related topic. Thinking back now, I could have pushed myself more though and gone more out of my comfort zone. I am proud of our show as a whole! I like the way it sounds, and I feel that our topics flow well from one to the next. I can only hope that the other groups will be able to see all of the hard work and effort we put into our final product. I also feel that we told a great story. We wanted to educate our audience about health sciences, as well as make it entertaining. We tried to pick topics that would be relevant and interesting to the DS106 community.
  4. Audio Reflection- Going into the audio assignments, I was very nervous/not looking forward to it. I am self-conscious about my voice, and feel much more comfortable working with visuals. Academically, I am a visual-learner so even creating stories behind my audio assignments was a struggle. The audio assignments I have completed thus far, including the radio show, definitely challenged my comfort levels with audio. After all these assignments, I audio still is not my favorite, however I do have a new-found appreciation for what it offers to digital storytelling.

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