Weekly Summary: One

This week, I feel that I completed the requirements as best I could, given my limited knowledge in creating a digital presence. The easy part was definitely reading over the syllabus and orienting myself to the class. All of the instructions appeared straightforward and easy to follow. I didn’t have any trouble registering for a domain name. Again, the instructions and articles were very informative. I’d say this was the easiest part. My domain name was available, given that my legal name is fairly unique (my last name, because I definitely know too many Amandas). Installing WordPress was simple as well. The instructions were straightforward, and I didn’t find myself lost in the process. Also, registering my blog was stress-free. I had no trouble inserting my information into the form.

However, creating the social media accounts and populating them with my pictures and information proved to be more difficult. I assumed I would be fine given that my generation grew up alongside the emergence of social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. The hardest part proved to be orienting myself to the layout of websites I had never used before, such as Flickr and SoundCloud. Fortunately, once I had a better understanding of how the sites worked (i.e. how information was shared/created/found) the process went a lot better. I got to the point where I enjoyed exploring around on Flickr and customizing my own pictures. With Flickr, I uploaded pictures of people important to me. I added captions as well as updated the privacy settings so others could view them. For SoundCloud, I uploaded one sound clip of my pug, Zoe. This site may take me awhile to get used to because I’ve never interacted with audio media before. I’m hoping for the best! Now I’d like to connect with friends and family members who also have accounts on Flickr and SoundCloud. Before this class, I had a Twitter and Gmail account, so it was not an issue to begin utilizing these for ds106. On Twitter, I submitted a tweet with a fun fact about myself and the hashtag, #ds106 to add it to the class feed. For YouTube, I used an application on my phone called Video Editor, which I believe is an app that comes standard on LG smart phones. Basically, I was able to make a slide show and set it to music with text that played simultaneously with the pictures.

The part I enjoyed most was definitely creating the WordPress blog post with my multimodal introductions. I found this to be a fun way of introducing myself to others via Internet tools. It’s also super easy to talk about yourself, because you know everything there is to know! Therefore, this process didn’t prove to be difficult in any way. I learned how to embed various medias within a blog post which I believe will prove to be a very valuable tool in the future.

I learned so many things in this process. Most importantly, I learned how to create a digital identity. I hope to maintain this identity well beyond college because I think it will be beneficial when applying for jobs and expanding my resume. I also learned how to use different social media accounts like Flickr and SoundCloud. I’m sure I will learn more in-depth about all the options and customizations these sites offer with posting original content. I will also say that after watching the Introduction Video for Week 1 of ds106, I learned more about the class in general. I have a greater sense of the structure of an online class, this being my first one, as well as what is expected of me as a student in this community. I am really looking forward to the impact a class of this nature is going to have on my academic career.

As far as things I would do differently, I definitely should have started working on this earlier in the week. I read through the syllabus on Monday, but didn’t actively begin completing the assignments for Week 1 until Thursday night. This didn’t prove to be too much of an issue given that the first week is mostly an orientation. However, I didn’t leave myself much room to solve issues I ran into. This is definitely something I am going to keep in mind for future assignments. Computers and technology do not come naturally to me, so I will need to take advantage of all the time provided.

As far as questions go, I sent an email to the Digital Knowledge Center, but never received a response. Is this normal? I ended up working out the issue I had encountered, but this does make me concerned for other issues I may have in  the future.

Below is the link to the blog post with my multimodal introductions.


Looking forward to the rest of this class!

–Amanda Wassenberg

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