Weekly Summary: Four

This week was definitely crazy as I learned so much about audio storytelling. As I mentioned in some of my blog posts earlier this week, I was not looking forward to recording my voice and using audio techniques. Like a lot of people, I don’t like the sound of my own voice, but I quickly got over that. I will say that after this weeks assignments, I am definitely more comfortable with audio storytelling, but it’s not my favorite thing in the world. However, I do think it was helpful to learn about different perspectives and tips from the experts when it comes to audio/radio stories. Here you will find my comments/summary of the Ira Glass video and the Jad Abumrad videos. It was also super helpful to be given concrete examples of audio storytelling techniques both through tutorials and real-life radio shows. This week I chose to listen to a show from The American Life on “Getting Away with It.” You can find the episode here and my reflection on my blog.

As I said before, this week was our introduction to Audio Assignments and our first real experience with the Assignment Bank. I really enjoyed it in the end, and there were plenty of options to fuel my creativity. I completed 3 different assignments this week for the total of 8 stars required. I will link them below and give a brief summary. You can read a further/more detailed outline of the assignment in the post on my blog.

  1. PEACE through Sound- Audio Assignment 1551
    1. I chose different sounds that I felt conveyed a sense of peace/calmness, and I combined them into one audio story.
  2. Hillsong United’s Greatest Hits, According to Me- Audio Assignment 1018
    1. A combination of what are, in my opinion, some of the greatest songs by my favorite artist Hillsong United.
  3. My Pug is Smarter than Your Honor Student- Audio Assignment 1725
    1. A fun rendition of what I think my tagline would be if I were on the Real Housewives.

In the midst of all the learning and producing of audio stories, we also had to complete four daily creates this week. Thankfully, I remembered to do all of the required number, and I’m pleased with what I created!

    1. Something near and dear to me. Please, we all need to learn to shut up and listen when someone else is talking. Your opinion is not the only one out there in the world. I created this cover image with Pixlr, and worked with overlaying different images/shapes/text.
  2. anticipation
    1. I felt this image depicted an emotion/feeling of anticipation, as the viewer does not know what is ahead. (Although, if you go to Mary Wash, then you probably know exactly where this picture was taken and what’s at the end of the road.) However, it’s still a sense of mystery for most other people. I took this image on my phone and uploaded it to Twitter.
  3. an old photo
    1. This is a photo from my fiance and I’s engagement pictures this past January. I used Pixlr to edit the image and make it look older. I made it look “grainier” and added black/white/sepia hues. I also dimmed the picture brightness, and lowered the saturation. Finally, I added a vignette to give the photo a dark/faded appearance.
  4. 5 Card Flickr Story
    1. I liked this assignment because it called me to be creative/imaginative. I enjoyed making up a story from 5 seemingly random pictures.

For commenting, I feel that this week went better than last week. I didn’t get the chance to comment on as many blog posts for others, but I definitely received many helpful comments on my own posts. Most people enjoyed my creations, which is always reassuring to hear, especially when you aren’t sure of what you’re producing.

This week, I learned so much about audio storytelling. I gained many skills in using the Audacity program and familiarized myself with some of its basic functions: trimming audio files, time shifting, etc. I also learned a lot of valuable information on what audio storytelling is in general, as well as its main building blocks and techniques. Having this knowledge made it easier to approach the assignments this week and complete them in an efficient manner. Overall, I enjoyed this week of DS106 and I’m looking forward to next week’s assignments! I can already see, 4 weeks in, the great benefit this class will be to the remainder of my academic career and into the future.

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