Weekly Summary 13 & 14

These past 2 weeks in DS106, we have been working on Remix/Mashup assignments. Many of the things created combined and manipulated already generated content and material, asking us to further transform these things in order to tell a new story. I really enjoyed many of these assignments. They allowed us to utilized other techniques we’ve learned in the class all semester, including video, audio, and visual editing skills. I also think that remix/mashup assignments ask for a different kind of creativity than other assignments. You not only have to create something and tell a story, but you have to transform the base elements in order to avoid copying/copywright. It really gives us an opportunity to stretch our imaginations and take our ideas further than the prompts themselves.

Below are all of the assignments I completed for Weeks 13 & 14:

  1. Remix Assignment- Emo Love Poem by E.E. Cummings
  2. Mashup Assignments [9 total stars]
    1. My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins [4 stars]
    2. Pintergram [2.5 stars]
    3. Holiday Mashup [3 stars]
  3. Daily Creates
    1. Best time of the day: reading and my morning cup of coffee.
    2. RED: Starbucks cup…yes, I accept the fact that I am a basic white girl.
    3. Reading of my favorite poem: “If those I loved were lost” by Emily Dickinson.

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