Week15 & Finals Summary

I can hardly believe that I am almost done with DS106! This semester has been filled with many interesting, eye-opening and educational opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve had in any other class at Mary Washington. DS106 truly is a unique Digital Storytelling/Social Media class. I’ve learned about countless tools for visual/audio/video editing, as well as how to better explain the stories and feelings behind these digital creations.

I think that the most important thing I learned from this class though is that everything tells a story. As an English major, I can see the value of this in literature and physical objects that we can touch and feel. However, this class taught me that DIGITAL creations, ones that we can’t physically touch, also tell stories. I had been blissfully ignorant to this fact, until DS106 came around. Now I can’t view anything on the Internet, Facebook, etc. without crafting a story around the image or video. It’s incredibly amazing the powers which digital storytelling places in the hands of anyone with access to a computer. Even the poorest crafted digital creations tell a story. Although you can have great advantages in digital storytelling with specific softwares and tools, anyone can be a digital storyteller. I think that is the greatest lesson I learned from this class.

Below is my final creation and digital story for DS106! Enjoy my story as well as the two tutorials I completed to finish out my experience with Digital Storytelling.

Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

Media Elements in Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

Tattoos 4Life- Tutorial

Google History Maps Story- Tutorial

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