Weekly Summary- Ten

Overall, I really enjoyed this week! I wasn’t sure what to think of Video Storytelling, but I found it to be so interesting given that it’s a combination of a lot of the techniques we’ve learned throughout this semester. I was able to employ some of my new-found knowledge about both audio and visual storytelling. For all of my video assignments, I used Windows Movie Maker which I had never used before, so I liked being able to educate myself and become more comfortable with video editing. This isn’t typically something you do everyday, and I tend to stick with visual editing with the pictures I post to social media. However, after this week I may start to post more videos onto Facebook and Instagram given that I know how to edit them and make them tell a compelling story!

  1. Reflection on the Ebert Article
  2. Cinema Techniques
  3. Look. Listen. Analyze. 
  4. Video Assignments (8 stars total)
    1. Punkin Adventures- October 30, 2015 (4 stars)
    2. Dramatic Chipmunk and Pugs- The Hitch Cut (4 stars)
    1. http://ct101.us/2015/10/31/my-first-remix/#comment-123639
    2. http://catscarnival.com/creative-assignments/a-dogs-life/#comment-490
    3. http://kaitlinmarie.net/assignments/video/i-am-me/#comment-566
    4. http://ds106.forkinall.com/assignments/reverse-reverse/#comment-250
    5. http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/464/#comment-469
    6. http://stephanieking.org/ds106/reading-movies/#comment-185
    7. http://applications.emmasaxophone.com/video-storytelling/life-as-an-animal/#comment-43
  6. Daily Creates
    1. Missing!– This is a cute missing poster I created for my pug, Zoe. Although she isn’t missing, I definitely find myself missing her while at school! Thanksgiving break can’t come fast enough. And if anyone feels kind enough to find her and bring her back to school, we could be best friends.
    2. My happy place– Since turning 21 this past May, my happy place has quickly become the winery! I love the atmosphere, the beautiful views, and of course the delicious wines. A close second is my grandfather’s cabin in New Hampshire.
    3. Spider-Eyes– Watch out!! Spider-Eyes is comin’ for you!!
    4. Cartoon Yourself– Here is a cartoonized version of a picture of Douglas and I! I think our little strip in the paper would document one of our “adventures.” In this one, we sat in traffic for 2.5 hours to get to the Melting Pot, so clearly the smiles are deceiving.

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