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This week we had to review another group’s radio show, as well as our own. We were asked to evaluate them according to audio sound and editing quality, use of sound effects and music and the show’s structure and story. I had the chance to listen to and evaluate Wacky History which gave several informational segments on some wacky things/objects in history. Overall, I felt that this was a great show that communicated some interesting information to its audience, and I learned a lot of unique history that I hadn’t heard of before.

For their audio sound and editing quality, I’d say that Wacky History did okay. For most of the show, I was able to track what was being said any by whom. However, the entirety of the show did seem pieced together, and there were moments where I wasn’t sure if a pause was indicating a transition or just the editing choices of the group. Some of the pauses were definitely awkwardly long, yet were a continuation of the same topic. Sometimes I expected them to move onto a new discussion, but they continued on with what was discussed before.

For sound effects and music. I liked the introduction and background music the radio show group utilized. It was catchy and entertaining, and I think it’s important that they used a catchy tune for the introduction because it drew me in to listen to the rest of the radio show. However, there were also some times where the music/sounds effects would overpower the volume of the speakers. At times it was hard to make out what exactly was being said. I think it’s also important to note the sound effects used throughout the show were different and varied. Normally, I would say that this would take away from the cohesiveness of the show as a whole, but I think it helped in the sense that it kept the show interesting. Each new sound effect or choice of music gave the show a uniqueness and surprise that kept myself as a listener engaged.

For the show’s structure and story, I thought the group did an excellent job of communicating their information in a cohesive and understandable format. The introduction maybe could have been more informative about everything that would be discussed. I understood that they show would be spent discussing wacky history, but I felt myself as a listener wanting to know everything that would be discussed. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to stay and hear the rest of the show. I think they definitely could have benefited from an interesting tagline at the beginning to draw their audience in more. Other than this though, I enjoyed listening to their show. Some of the transitions were awkward, but I left with a good sense of the wacky history behind dentures and wedding bands. They communicated a great story that was informative while also interesting and funny.

Overall, I would give this show 3.5 out of 5 stars. Wacky History gave their listeners some interesting facts about dentures and wedding bands, keeping their audience engaged through sounds effects and music. Some of the transitions could have been clearer, and given some professional editing, this would be a perfect show.


For my own group’s radio show, we decided to discuss fun health science topics/facts on DS106 Radio’s “The Verge.”

For audio and sound editing quality, I felt that we did a decent job. Some of the transitions were a bit awkward/too long of a pause given that we didn’t record this all in one sitting. However, I found that I was able to efficiently follow along into the next segments of discussion. I thought the volume levels were appropriate, though at times some sections were louder than others. Most of the segments were free of background noise, but there were moments where I could hear the speakers messing with something in the background or clicking around of their computer. I know I am a victim of this at well, and after listening through our radio show again, I more quickly noticed these distractions.

For sound effects and music, I think we chose relevant music for the introduction, commercials, transitions and bumpers. Especially at the beginning, I felt that the track MIranda chose made me think of science and discovery of new ideas/experiments which was something we were trying to achieve in our radio show. At some points, like many of the other radio shows, the volume of the background music and sounds effects would overpower that of the speaker. Because I knew everything that was being discussed, I didn’t have a hard time personally realizing what was being said. However, I can see how this might get in the way of another listener who did not initially know all of the topics being discussed.

For the overall structure and story of the show, I felt that by the end of the radio show, the audience had a good sense of all of the information we wished to communicate. I liked that we discussed multiple interesting topics. This kept myself from becoming bored with a couple topics being dragged on for the entirety of the show. I also think it was super helpful that we discussed everything that would covered in the radio show, as well as gave introductions to the speakers. I found that this made me more engaged as a listener because I was expectant of what was coming next.

Overall, I would give our show 4 out of 5 stars. I felt that we effectively communicated our science topics as well as used audio techniques to keep our audience engaged. Personally, I came away from this project knowing more about health science as well as audio storytelling.

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