PhotoBlitz in my Front Yard

I chose to do the ds106 photo blitz in my front yard. Originally, I had planned on taking a walk around the block, hoping to find a lot of inspiration through that. However, I was able to find plenty of inspiration and I didn’t even have to leave my front yard! There were so many great examples for the pictures we had to take.

I really enjoyed this experience overall. It was fun and creative, and I know that all my work is unique and original. I have a feeling I may do this more in the future because it really gets your imagination burning. The photos that worked best were of clear objects/objectives, like single color domination and shadows. I had a harder time capturing images that I needed to represent subjective things like, capturing and emotion or openness (although, I did capture an image that I felt represented complexity.)


Here are my pictures below, enjoy!






5 thoughts on “PhotoBlitz in my Front Yard

  1. Miles Davis

    Great job! I enjoyed your photoblitz. I have not done this assignment yet, but I plan on doing it in my house. I was wondering how I would do this assignment, but I have a better idea after seeing yours. How were you able to take an arial photo from overhead of the door? I think you could say the photo of the beer caps can represent an emotion…hopefully good and party like emotions! #talkingpolack106

  2. Tori Lear

    It’s really interesting to see people’s takes on this assignment, especially since what they take pictures of really tells a story about their life. You did a great job of photographing the different prompts, and it really gives a sense of who you are as a photographer. I think my favorite of yours is the one with all the bottle caps. It’s eye-catching and intriguing, and the angle of it adds to that interest. #talkingpolack106

  3. Ashlyn

    Your pictures were definitely all really unique so that was nice! The picture of the beer caps was really, really cool and probably my favorite one! This assignment was fun and challenging creatively! Good job! #talkingpolack106


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