Getting to Know Amanda!

Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda Wassenberg and this is my very first post on the blog I created for ds106 at Mary Washington. This first post will be a quick (lengthy?) introduction of myself to you all. I am currently a senior and am majoring in English literature. I’m also the President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship here on campus. I’ve loved every second of my time spent here, and I am still in denial that I’ll be graduating in December.

I also introduced myself on various social media accounts, with other fun facts and interesting bits of info about myself.

Here is my introduction to you all via twitter:

The number one thing I like everyone to know about me is that I LOVE pugs, literally I LOVE them. I’m obsessed with their squishy, little faces and curly tails. I have a pug of my own named Zoe who is basically my baby. I got her for my 13th birthday from my parents. For years, I had been talking about having my own pug. Like how some girls dream of getting a pony for their birthday, I dreamed of having a pug. Fortunately, that dream came true! It was the best surprise ever, and to this date, the best present I’ve ever received.

Since I’m talking about my pug, I have a SoundCloud recording of her panting and snorting.

One of my favorite things about Zoe, and pugs in general, is the unique snorts they make. Unfortunately, this is a genetic defect in which their nasal passages are not wide enough, so some pugs have corrective surgery to widen the passages so they can breathe better. Zoe is lucky enough that she will not need surgery. It’s always relaxing though to fall asleep to her soft snores every night.

I also uploaded several pictures to the Flickr account I created for ds106 to give you all a visual of the important people and things in my life!

First, a picture of my fiancé and I at his college graduation! My fiancé, Douglas, actually graduated from Mary Washington this past May 2015. He majored in Computer Science, and he was the one who recommended that I take this class because he enjoyed it so much. We started dating the end of our sophomore year of high school and got engaged last December 2014. The wedding is scheduled for January 17, 2016, so only about five months to go! I’m so excited to start my life with him.


Second is a picture of my sister, Diana, and I! She’s my rock and best friend. We’re only about two years apart, so we’re very close. In fact, we both grew up with others commonly mistaking us to be twins! Shocking, but as we’ve grown up, we’ve definitely taken on unique personalities and interests.


This next picture is, appropriately, a picture of my pug and I. Some fun facts about her and I: our favorite things to do are take naps. And we’ll take a nap in any context: while watching a movie, when it’s raining, next to the fireplace, on the couch, in the front yard, etc.. Also, per this picture, we love to take selfies together.


One of the last couple pictures I’ve posted, is of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship that I am President of this school year. This picture was taken this past May 2015 at our annual Spring Retreat. It’s always a great time of fellowship, and forming new relationships. I love this group of people so much!


Finally, a picture of my mom and I. It’s a bit of a throwback featuring 5-year-old Amanda. This woman was amazing and holds such a special spot in my heart and memories. Unfortunately, she passed away from breast cancer my freshman year of college. She’s my role model, and I hope to someday be half the mother she was to my siblings and I. She’s my inspiration and the strongest woman I ever knew.


Last but not least, here’s an introduction of myself via YouTube. I decided to make a slideshow of sorts set to music with miscellaneous facts and pictures of my favorite things. I hope you enjoy!

I hope this post has been informative and entertaining while also giving the ds106 community a brief introduction about myself!

Thank you and looking forward to getting to know the rest of you as well!


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