Another Pug Post?- Moving Object

Yes, I know, another pug post. But all for a good cause: spreading the love and joy of puggies all over the internet for the whole world to see! For another of my video assignments this week I decided to do Moving Object for 3.5 stars. This assignment asks you to make a video of an object moving using Vine. I had used Vine a few years ago, but recently deleted it this summer because I hadn’t used it in a while. So for this assignment I had to redownload the app. You can also access vine through a web page Below I will embed the tweet I sent out sharing my Vine creation! (Also, super easy to sign-up because you can use a Twitter account, which we’ve already created for this class!).

I used one of my stuffed pugs, yes ONE of them, because I had many to choose from. Then I simply took a picture and moved the pug ever so slightly closer to the camera. I repeated this until the lil pug was touching the lens of the camera. When I watch this video, it reminds me of the other vines/videos with real dogs/cats/pets that slowly sneak up on their owners. It’s cute and tells such a great story of the relationship between humans and their pets! Here are some of my favorites below.



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