Photographing 101- What I Learned this Week

These week we had to use at least 3 different suggestions when photographing/producing images for our visual assignments this week. I pulled all of my tips from the eBook written by David duChemin. I started using these resources first for the Photoblitx challenge.


For this image I decided to use my new found knowledge in terms of contrast and perspective. I was able to utilize a close/near perspective to capture details of these bottle caps that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, if I hadn’t read about the great importance of perspective in photography. My eyes were definitely opened to new, unique points of view. This was also the most helpful tip I read up on, because like I said before it gave me a whole new view on what to take pictures of and manipulate.


For this second image, i definitely “got pickier.” I sat around, thinking long and hard about my surroundings in hopes of capturing a unique picture. Also, thinking of new perspective, I figured let’s just go with us. I decided to take a picture of my door, standing on a chair with the camera angled down towards the floors. I feel it captured a really unique image given the perspective and my ability to be picky in selecting what to take a picture of during my photoblitz.


With this last image, i employed the technique of utilizing the lighting in the area in the best/most effective way. After reading on this technique I was more readily able to notice the unique positioning and proportion of the shadows on the sidewalk as well as the shapes of the light slivers between the shadows.

There are definitely many more techniques to learn and resources to read up on in order to best find and capture moments via a photograph. However, I feel that the resources I learned about and applied this week were very helpful in completing my assignments.


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