Cinema Techniques

In order to gain a further understanding of some cinematic techniques in film, I viewed three other videos going deeper into some of these specific techniques. The videos will be embedded below with short descriptions on the techniques discussed or shown.

  1. Kubrick // One-Point Perspective– This video shows the art of the one-point perspective in film. The one-point perspective is a cinema technique where the frame is centered around one specific point, creating a balance and symmetry in the shot. By reading some of the comments below the video as well, I appears that the one-point perspective elicits a specific emotional response from its audience. Viewers often feel tension and unease when looking down narrow, symmetrical hallways, or similar shots.
  2. Example of a Match Cut- 2001 A Space Odyssey– A match cut in film is a cut in film between two different objects, characters, etc. The two different objects match “graphically” establishing a consistency and continuity between the two shots. In this video, the bone and the weapon match each other, creating a continuity between the two different shots.
  3. Hitchcock loves Bikinis– In this video, the cinematic technique of cuts is shown. By placing two very different shots in between the two shots of the man looking on and then smiling, the audience will have different perspectives of the character of this man. In this case, the man is sweet for smiling at the woman with her baby, but he then becomes a dirty old man when they replace the shot of the woman with her baby with a shot of a woman in a bikini. Simply by switching up the film cuts, the character of the man drastically changes.

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