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5 Second Film: “Please sir, could you spare me a chip?”

For one of my final video assignments of the week, I decided to complete 5 Second Film! This assignment is simple, asking you to make a short, 5-second film capturing a joke, special moment, etc. I do not believe it should be rated for 4.5 stars given that there isn’t much video editing involved, so I rated it lower. However, this assignment now rounds my total stars up to 19.5 stars for these past two weeks.

I decided to take a video, yet again, of my pug. She is such a character, and I knew that I could capture a quality moment in her life worthy of film. This particular movie showcases her expert begging-skills. Notice how her eyes expertly follow the chip, never breaking eye-contact. [Not pictured: We ended up giving her a chip. What kind of pug mom would I be if I didn’t share my food with my best friend?].

I just recorded this video on my LG G2 phone and uploaded it to Twitter. Also, thanks to the new statistics tracker implemented on Twitter, I can now see how many people have viewed my Tweet and directly interacted with the video. Thanks Twitter for making me more aware of my social media presence! 🙂