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My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins

For my first Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to complete Mashing Friends and Emojis for 4 stars! I was very excited for this assignment, and I am obsessed with emojis and using them in all forms of texting conversation. The express your feelings in a unique way that words cannot do on their own. Words definitely hold a lot of meaning, but I think it’s very cool how a symbol/picture can also hold just as much, or more, meaning than the word itself! I decided to use two pictures of my favorite people, Douglas and my sister Diana. Surprisingly, this assignment wasn’t too hard because I have a number of choice pictures of the two of them making funny faces. Here are their emoji twins!

BeFunky Collage

I created this collage through BeFunky! It’s a great website that gives many templates and options to create picture/video collages. All I had to do was pick my desired template and then upload the images from my computer. I found the emoji images through a Google search, and already had the images of Diana and Douglas saved on my computer. I love that without even trying, they both perfectly match their emoji twins 🙂 Douglas got the annoyed face emoji. In this moment he was definitely annoyed because I was taking too many pictures. He usually lasts for about 3-4 pictures, then gives up and shoots me one of these faces. My sister stole my phone at one point this year and took several beautiful pictures like the one above. I chose this one because it immediately made me think of the emoji sticking its tongue out!

What do you think? Are they twinning?