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For my second Mashup Assignment, I completed Twittr¬†for 2.5 stars. The goal of this assignment is to combine two or more of your favorite websites using a Photoshop software. You want to try and be creative, giving the site a new name while also maintaining some of the elements of each site. I decided to combine Instagram and Pinterest, two of my favorite social media platforms. Instagram allows you to post pictures with filters and captions, while sharing them with family and friends. Pinterest allows you to “pin” or save pictures of fun recipes, outfits, photography, etc. By combining the two, we have PINTERGRAM! A fun and versatile website allowing you to take pictures of your likes and interests, and giving other users the ability to save these pictures in their own folders for later use or entertainment. Here is the logo that would be used!


I created this image through Pixlr, an online photo editing software. I simply cropped the current logos for both PInterest and Instagram and then copied them directly next to each other. Then for the image logo, I used the Instagram camera and placed a clipart image of the PInterest logo onto the lens of the camera.