Reflection on Louis the Hedgehog

I enjoyed this assignment! It didn’t feel to constricting or objective because it’s really up to myself and other viewers to determine the actual story told by the five pictures. These pictures happen to be of my hedgehog, King Louis, that I got with my fiance. We took this video the day we picked him out at only 8 weeks old! He’s such a cute little fellow, and we couldn’t help but record him exploring his new surroundings. I had some trouble taking clear screenshots of the video on my phone, so I decided to go into Facebook where I had posted the video and see what I could do from there. I clicked on “Edit Video” and saw an option within that section to change the thumbnails. All of the available thumbnails were clear. I right clicked the image of the various thumbnails and saved them to my computer. I then posted five of them together for this digital storytelling assignment. This is good to know for the future if I ever want to capture a specific moment from videos that I take in the future!

One thought on “Reflection on Louis the Hedgehog

  1. Andrew B.

    Louis is so cute and you did well telling a story about you and your hedgehog with those five images. Even though the viewers can’t see you in the images, they are still able to figure out what you were feeling when those images were taken. They also tell an interesting story about Louis being curious of the new surroundings. It amazes me how one is able tell multiple stories using a limited number of images. #talkingpolack106


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