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Punkin Adventures- October 30, 2015

For my first video assignment of the week I decided to complete Selfie Story. [Narrate a story using selfies. It can be any story you’d like (crazy night out, movie night with friends, just the average day, etc). You can use a combination of selfie clips or pictures, it is all up to you. Create a 1-2 minute video montage of all the selfies to tell the story. Try adding music or effects to keep it interesting.] I already take plenty of selfies, and Douglas complains constantly about my need to capture the moment on my phone. However, since this was for an assignment he obliged to my recording our pumpkin carving adventure via Selfies. It was so much fun, and I think (as per the assignment) that the video itself tells the story. Here’s our Punkin Adventure!!

I made this video with Windows Movie Maker. The pictures were taken on my LG G2 smart phone, and then I downloaded them to my computer and uploaded them to the movie maker. At this point, it was a matter of adding transitions and background music. I used transitions that had sharp edges and triangle-shaped features because I thought it resembled the triangle-shaped eyes of the carved pumpkins. For the background music, I used an instrumental mp3 of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I figured this song was appropriate given the spooky holiday feelings!


Mandaalynnn the Eagle

For my final Web Assignment of the week, I am completing the required assignment Storytelling Within The Web:

From the Spring 2011 ds106 class came the idea of changing up an existing web page to tell a new story” you will be intervening in the code and design of a website of your choice to tell a story. You are not to photoshop the design of the site, but rather intervene in the actual html and CSS of the site—though you can photoshop particular images on the site. Essentially you alter the content of a web page (content, images) to make it tell a new story. Originally we recommended doing this using the Firebug extension in the Firefox browser, which does work, but is unfortunately easy to lose your work. We currently recommend Mozilla Hackasaurus — install the X-Ray Googles in any browser and use it to re-cast the content of any web page. When you blog it, include both a screen capture in your post, but you will also need to upload the web files (HTML and media files) to your own site so it can exist as a stand alone URL. (see our olderFirebug Tutorial) Consider using news sites, social media profiles, product pages, movie review pages etc. The simpler the design of the page, the easier it will be (think Craig’s List).

To be honest, I was completely confused and scared by this assignment, so I saved it until today to complete. However, I found this incredible tutorial created by Daniel Adams, a past DS106 students. He made a video on his blog that is simple and easy to understand, which perfectly explains how to complete the assignment. I completed the assignment given the instruction he provides in the tutorial video.

In honor of Homecoming Weekend and school spirit, I decided to alter the content of my Instagram profile web page to resemble that of our new school mascot, Mandaalynnn the Eagle! Below is the original web page and then the altered webpage.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 at 3.27.43 PM

Screenshot 2015-10-25 at 3.36.42 PM

I made several changes to my original web page in order to achieve the final product. I will list them below:

  1. Change profile image to that on our Mary Wash eagle mascot.
  2. Change username from “mandaalynnn” to “mandaalynnn the eagle”.
  3. Edited the About Me/Bio section to reflect the new name, important dates and info. (1908- Year MWC/UMW was founded; Pro Deo Domo Patria– UMW’s motto; UMW main website)
  4. Alter the number of posts and followers (1908 total posts, and 5,000 followers for the approximate number of undergrad and graduate students that attend UMW).
  5. Change the three most recently posted images to UMW appropriate images (university seal and logo, Lee Hall).

The Google Maps History of Anne Frank

For my second Web Assignment of the week, I decided to complete Google History Maps Story for 3 stars. This assignment asks you to tell the story of a literary or historical figure through Google Maps. The map itself, from its locations and directions should tell the story of the person/character you are talking about. It’s not a super complicated process, but I will give detailed instructions on how I created the Map below. I decided to tell the history of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl killed in the concentration camps of Germany during World War II. Most of Anne Frank’s life is described through the popular diary that she kept which was later published in the United States after her death. I have always respected the great courage and sacrifice she gave as such a young woman in the concentration camps. Here is the map I created, detailing her life from birth to death in Nazi Germany. The green location is the starting point, Anne Frank’s birth, and the yellow location is the place of her death. The red locations represent different moments in her life. You can follow these different moments via the lines which are labeled Line 1, Line 2, etc. Each location also has a detailed description of what happened to Anne Frank at the time that she was in this location. By moving from one point to the next, you will get a story of the short-lived life of Anne Frank.

Here is how to complete the assignment:

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Go to MenuMy Maps–Create Map
  3. At this point, you can title your map what you please and give it a description.
  4. Add locations to your map, documenting the life of the person you’ve chosen.
    • Search for the specific location in the search bar (e.g. “Frankfurt, Germany”).
    • After finding location, click Add to map.
    • Edit the title and description of the location, as well as the icon/symbol and color to desired setting.
    • Repeat step 4 until all desired locations are on the map.
  5. Add lines to your map, connecting all of the locations.
    • Under the search bar, click on the symbol that looks like 3 dots connected by a line.
    • Start with the cursor on the first location in the timeline (e.g. “Birth”), and drag the line to the second location.
    • Press Enter on your keyboard. You will then be given the option to customize the appearance of the line as well as it’s title and description.
    • Repeat step 5 until all desired lines are on the map.
  6. Drag your set locations and lines to the desired order via the left bar on the side. (I chose to place each line in between the separate events/locations.
  7. Your map automatically saves, so at this point you’re done! Congratulations on creating your own Google Map!

My Digital Trip to Australia

For my first web assignment this week, I decided to complete Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest for 3.5 stars! Super fun and exciting since I’m already an active user/participant in the Pinterest world. With PInterest, you can create boards on your profile for common topics/themes such as food, crafts, vacations, etc. Then you search through the search bar the specific items you want to find, or you can browse through the general sections available as well. After you find a picture you like, you can click on it and follow it to the original link/website, or pin it to your board for later! It’s a genius idea for finding and saving recipes and outfit ideas. I was already familiar with the layout of the website, so all that was left became deciding where I wanted to go on my dream vacation. For years now, I have always wanted to travel to Australia! Pictures from this place are gorgeous, and the area is filled with rich culture and delicious food. It also strikes me as a place teeming with endless amounts of activities and tourist destinations. I would find it hard to believe that upon visiting Australia, one would be bored and find nothing to do. Below, I will embed a link to the board I created for my virtual trip to Australia and all of the essential information one would need.

My Dream Vacation

  1. Culture of the Aboriginals (family life, art, etc.)
  2. Destinations & Traveling Tips
    1. the Outback
    2. the best beaches
    3. pink-colored Lake Hillier
    4. the Great Ocean Road
    5. National Parks
  3. Popular restaurants & recipes
  4. Fun/Unique Facts
  5. General Tips/Info

I feel that by looking at the Pinterest board I created, most people would be able to come away with a general sense of what a vacation to Australia would be like. Unfortunately, my board does not take into account the logistics of the vacation (save for the pin on traveling to Australia on a budget). But, the pins I compiled showcase the beautiful scenery and culture available to someone considering a vacation down-under! This was an incredibly fun assignment for DS106, and it only makes me want to travel to Australia even more than before!

Love Me Like You Do (Slow-Mo)

For my final audio assignment of the week, I decided to complete Make it 800% Slower. This assignment asks you to find a song and experiment with the tempo, making the song an ambient piece of music. I chose Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and used Audacity to edit it. Below is my SoundCloud upload of the final project and a detailed set of instructions on how I completed this assignment. I feel that now that the song is slower, it tells a completely different story. And if anything, it at least elicits a different emotional response from the listeners. In this case, slower tempos will causes listeners to feel more a sense of peace and calm. However, because of the quality of my mp3 that I began with, the slow-mo song is not as calm and peaceful as I would like. There are some glitches in the finished product and “hiccups” in the audio. Overall though I feel that I completed this assignment to the best of my ability.

I can’t figure out why, but for some reason it will only play the first 27 seconds. I am beyond frustrated with this. The actual product was about 15 minutes long. Below I have embedded the song which I originally downloaded to my computer at it’s desired length. Unfortunately, SoundCloud is just not my friend today.


  1. Use Audacity to upload mp3 of selected song.
  2. To make the song slower, use the “Change Tempo” feature found in the “effects” tab.
  3. Then upload final product to SoundCloud or other social media site of your choice!

A Life in Two Minutes- A Proposal!

For my first Audio Storytelling assignment this week, I decided to complete A Life in Two Minutes (2.5 stars) which asks you to explain, in your own words, a significant moment (or problem) in a life. This could be a friend’s life or your own. I chose to create an audio story of how Douglas proposed to me last December! It was an incredible day and the best story that I get to recount to family, friends and now all of the DS106 community! Enjoy!

Basically, Douglas proposed to me and it was an incredible surprise! He did it in the least likely place and time, catching me perfectly off guard. I’m forever thankful that we’re together and have the opportunity to spend the rest of our lives together!

I actually discovered that you can record and upload audio straight through the SoundCloud website. So, I did this instead of running the Audacity program to record my audio story. All I did before hand was gather my thoughts about the day so that I could tell the story in the most efficient (2 minutes or less!) and understandable way. If you have any other questions, please comment below! But I feel that this was pretty straightforward.

Layer Tennis- The Space Pug

For my final Design Assignment of the week, I decided to try my hands at Layer Tennis!

Layer Tennis is a two player game, so for this assignment you’ll need a partner. To count, this game must be played in public on Twitter so we all can watch! Find a willing partner who will play with you. Begin by posting a tweet on twitter announcing a new match. Include the twitter names of the two players, use the hashtag #ds106Layers and upload an image (preferably funny) that will be the first serve.

Your partner must now edit the original photograph into something new and amazing, but the new picture must contain some element or aspect of the original. The partner then replies to the original tweet with the new image and the #ds106Layers tag.

This back and forth play continues on Twitter, by editing and improving the previous image and replying to the previous tweet. Play continues until both players have edited and posted three images. After these six images have been completed, the ds106 community can debate who prevailed in the match.

I asked Douglas to help me complete this assignment given that he has taken the class before. I figured he could provide some legit edits to the pictures! I was right 🙂 In fact, he did more than I even knew how to do, and I learned quite a bit from watching his edits! Below I will embed the various tweets in chronological order and go into the details of how they were done after each image. I will also tell the story as I go. (These will all be bolded text.)

This is the original image. Douglas and I took Zoe to Petco to buy some fun treats and meet other animals/people. I figured that this would be a good spot to find a funny picture to start our Layer Tennis game! Above is a picture of Zoe making friends with a guinea pig. I’m not quite sure what her end goal was, but she was definitely very curious.

This is Douglas’s first edit (He used Pixlr.) He cropped Zoe out of the picture and pasted her image on a space background. Thus, we have space pug. It was now my challenge to change space pug and maybe set her up for an adventure!

For my first edit, I used Pixlr as well. To avoid redundancy, I will say now that we used Pixlr for all of our edits in this game of Layer Tennis. Using Pixlr Editor, I Inverted the colors and added space helmets onto all the space pugs via (Layer, then Image URL as Layer). Space pug needs to breathe if she wants to go on any adventures! Let’s see what Douglas did next…

For his second edit, Douglas re-inverted the colors and added an American Flag image onto the planet in the space sky. It seems that space pug is patriotic. But will she run into any issues as she claims America’s place in the night sky…?

Oh no! In my edit, it seems that and alien has come upon space pug and put her in a trance! Space pug is seeing multiples of everything. The whole atmosphere is spinning! How will space pug prevail? (For this edit, I used the Kaleidoscope feature in Pixlr found under the Filter tab. At this point you can manipulate the various levels of the feature to your desired setting.)

For his final edit, Douglas added space ships into the image. It seems that the alien has called in for back up. So many space pugs, yet only one alien. Space pug is still in her trance. What can she possible do to overcome?

In my final edit, I used a tool for color replacement. You hit ctrl and click on the color in the image you want to select. Then, you start clicking and coloring over what you want to change to the selected color. I chose to replicate the color of the alien onto space pug’s collar. In the end, space pug could not overcome the power of the alien’s trance, but they made a deal. Space pug agreed to join the alien forces in order to rule and keep the planet. Sorry America, but space pug has her own plans for galaxy domination.


Love at First Shot- Kaleidoscope

This week, we had a Visual Assignment required within our Design Assignments. Love at First Shot asks you to take an image of a couple obviously in love and tell their story, With a twist from Dr. Polack we also had to use a photo editing software to change something significant about the picture. I chose to use an image of my fiance and I from our engagement pictures last January. It was so so cold, but we were very happy 🙂

Here is the original image:


Here is the edited image:


Because this is a picture of my fiance and I, I can give a simplified version of our own love story.

High School Sweethearts, or Middle School?

Douglas and Amanda met in seventh grade English class. Although they didn’t know it at the time, their hearts were destined to be together someday. At first, they started as just friends, each thinking the other was so nice and friendly. They had both started going to public school for the first time since leaving private Christian schools, so everything was new and different. They liked having someone around to talk to in class.

Eighth grade came around, but Douglas and Amanda didn’t have any classes together, so they grew apart.

Then high school started. Douglas and Amanda suddenly had their lunch periods together and struck up their friendship again. They grew a lot closer over the cheap mac n’ cheese and fruit cups. Amanda didn’t know, but Douglas liked her. He thought she was nice and cute. Douglas got Amanda’s phone number from a friend and started texting her. Amanda, being the nice person she was, texted him back and was happy for his friendship. Towards the end of freshman year, Douglas asked Amanda out and they dated for a couple of days, but it didn’t last long.

Sophomore year came around, and Amanda and Douglas grew closer as friends, not really thinking about a relationship. They tried to date off and on throughout the year. However, on May 23, 2010, they made it official and have been together ever since.

Douglas has been by Amanda’s side through some of life’s hardest experiences: long distance relationships, her mom passing away and her dad getting remarried. They both see their love as truly a blessing and one of a kind, so Douglas decided to make it official and ask Amanda to marry him. If you talked to Amanda, she would say “it’s about time!” but God truly does have perfect timing. Amanda and Douglas are happily engaged now and looking forward to their wedding on January 17, 2016!!


I made this image through Pixlr. The edit was actually very simple, while also creating a unique and interesting final image. I used the Pixlr Editor, then went to Filter, and then Kaleidoscope. Once there, you can adjust the various kaleidoscope settings to your desired level.

Don’t Miss Manassas, VA!

I also decided to complete What Are You Missing Nearby. This was an interesting assignment to complete. I recently moved to Manassas, VA in July of 2015 from Woodbridge, VA so it really was only a matter or 10 miles or so. I’d spent plenty of time in Manassas before, but after this assignment I never realized how many attractions and natural landmarks I had been missing out on! I definitely need to take advantage of these spots before venturing into the rest of the world. Some of these places I’ve known about and some I’d never heard of until today! Here is my image:

  1. Manassas National Battlefield Park– Such a beautiful place! I’ve driven by plenty of times, and my mom is actually buried in a cemetery on the battlefields. Super cool, but I’ve never taken the time to tour and discover more of the history behind the battlegrounds.
  2. Ben Lomond Manor House– This was one of the attraction I had never heard of before. They even feature a beautiful rose garden and tours of the historic home!
  3. Hylton Performing Arts Center– I performed here with my high school chorus in high school in a singing of Carmina Burana. It was definitely an experience that I hold memorable, but I never considered revisiting as a spectator to enjoy a performance not given by myself!
  4. Old Town Manassas– Now, this was one that I slapped myself in the face for not taking full advantage of in my time here. I love, literally LOVE, old town/downtown areas (like downtown Fredericksburg). I live for the antique stores, quaint bookstores and homey coffee shops. Honestly, I’ll probably end up here over Fall Break next weekend!

How I created the image:

I took a break from Pixlr, and used a website called picisto that allows you to make various collages of different shapes, sizes and number of images. The website is pretty self-explanatory and user-friendly, so I won’t go into detailed instructions because I assume you all are smart individuals!

Pugs Not Drugs!

For another of the Design Assignments this week, I completed Create a T-Shirt.  Naturally, I had to create a shirt with a pug on it, and my website’s tagline “pugs not drugs.” As much as I wish this was my own creation and imagination, this saying has been used many times before I took it to heart! However, I have reimagined the phrase and created my own original t-shirt design. I’m sure there is a t-shirt out there somewhere with the saying, but none that I created. I like to think that the person wearing this shirt has a strong passion not only for healthy living and abstaining from drug use, but also a great love for puggies and their squishy faces. Wear this loud and proud! I know that I would 🙂 Here is my creation:


I used clip art and text features for this image via Pixlr. The t-shirt, pug face and paw print came from a Google search for those specific items. You can access detailed instructions through my previous post on how to use Pixlr, upload image layers, and add text. Pay special attention to Steps 6-7 for adding image layers and text to your t-shirt.