Weekly Summary: Five

This week was by far one of my favorites in the class! I really enjoyed the visual assignments and learning more about photography and visual media techniques. I definitely learned a lot about creating visual media. For most of my visual assignments and daily creates I have been using a free online editor called Pixlr, which you will find linked in many of my blog posts and reflections that will be embedded in this post. I think this application  is super helpful and user-friendly for many of the assignments. I also learned a lot about techniques in photographing which were super helpful in completing many of this weeks assignments, specifically the Photoblitz activity. Some of the challenges I faced were simply due to the fact that I cannot download Photoshop on my Chromebook. However, PIxlr has been an adequate editor. I also learned a lot about what it means to tell a story via visual techniques. Pictures are a great way to capture emotion, plot, and human interaction. Perception can also be a great element in stories that is captured through pictures. Below I will embed all of my assignments for Week 5.

  1. I joined Group 2 for the Radio Show.
  2. Stephanie King


    Ashlyn Runk


    Emma Sax


    Miranda Skinner



  3. comments on 3 other blog posts




  4. Photographing 101
  5. Photoblitz & comments one, two, three
  6. Flickr Set
  7. Daily Creates
    1. Print All Over Me– I created this image via Pixlr. I added the flower stickers to the photograph. In this picture, my pug and I are flower children, bursting with sweet-smelling flowers in the summer sun.
    2. Crossing Abbey Road– I created this image as well with Pixlr by adding the stickers of the ducks to the image of Abbey Road. It would be so cute it a bunch of little rubber duckies all lined up on Abbey Road. Even better if they were real ducks!
    3. Latte Art– I love latte art and coffee shops in general so I was very excited about this assignment. Pictured is a cup of love to start the day right. Love can put any bad day before into a joyful perspective for the day to come.
    4. Old and New– For this assignment, I did the same as before via Pixlr and the sticker feature. I added headphones to some of the characters in the image. The one side is definitely tuning this buy out.
  8. Visual Assignments
    1. No Smiling at this Party
    2. Drawing the Line Somewhere
    3. A Candle: Burning Inspiration and Impossibility

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