Vintage-ify the Boardwalk (Ocean City, MD)

For my second design assignment of the week, I completed Vintage-ify a Place. I really enjoyed this assignment! I feel like at this point I’m always starting my posts like this, but I really do like completing these assignments. They are so daunting to start with, but after finishing them and seeing the final product, I’m proud of myself and the experience! I’m beginning to develop a fun passion for graphic design and digital storytelling. I just need to do a better job  of explicitly stating the story. However, this is neither here nor there, so back on topic. I decided to Vintage-ify the infamous Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk! I visited with my family almost a year ago for Fall Break. I’d never been before, and it was so fun! Going during the Fall season was interesting too because it wasn’t as busy as the summer months when everyone flocks to the beach with family and friends. We had a great time hanging out, visiting shops and eating at the local restaurants. We also timed it perfectly going in the beginning of October, because the shops literally closed the day we left Ocean City. So lucky! I’m happy I got to experience this city/beach for the first time with my family, and I’d love to hear about your own experiences at OC and the Boardwalk! Here is my vintage poster:


I created this image via Pixlr. Here are detailed instructions for the various components that come together to form the final image.

  1. Go to Pixlr through your web browser or use the embedded link above.
  2. Use Pixlr Editor.
  3. Upload image of your favorite spot or an infamous spot you’ve visited.
  4. For this project, I mostly manipulated filters (under Filter tab as well as Adjustment tab):
    1. For grainy texture, change Noise level.
    2. For specific color (I used a green/blue) change Hue & Saturation to desired color.
    3. Use Brightness & Contrast levels to achieve a more vintage look. (I made both of these higher than average.)
  5. For bottom black border:
    1. Use the Drawing tool represented by the rectangle and circle images in the Tools section on the left hand side.
    2. Pull rectangle shape at the bottom of image to desired placement.
    3. Adjust color and other settings.
  6. For text:
    1. Use the Type Tool represented by the “A” symbol in the Tools section.
    2. Type in the desired text.
    3. Adjust text size, color, and font to desired setting.
  7. Search for other logo or image to include via Google. **Make sure when using these, you use an image that has a gray/white checked background, so that it doesn’t include the white background.
    1. To add this image to your image, go to Layer, then Open Image URL as layer. Copy and paste image URL.
  8. When image is completed, save and upload to the website of your choice. (I uploaded this to my Flickr account.)

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