Pugs Not Drugs!

For another of the Design Assignments this week, I completed Create a T-Shirt.  Naturally, I had to create a shirt with a pug on it, and my website’s tagline “pugs not drugs.” As much as I wish this was my own creation and imagination, this saying has been used many times before I took it to heart! However, I have reimagined the phrase and created my own original t-shirt design. I’m sure there is a t-shirt out there somewhere with the saying, but none that I created. I like to think that the person wearing this shirt has a strong passion not only for healthy living and abstaining from drug use, but also a great love for puggies and their squishy faces. Wear this loud and proud! I know that I would 🙂 Here is my creation:


I used clip art and text features for this image via Pixlr. The t-shirt, pug face and paw print came from a Google search for those specific items. You can access detailed instructions through my previous post on how to use Pixlr, upload image layers, and add text. Pay special attention to Steps 6-7 for adding image layers and text to your t-shirt.

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