PEACE through Sound- Audio Assignment 1551

For one of my audio assignments for the week, I chose to do “Emotions through Sound.” I figured this would be a good one to start with in order to learn how to upload, clip, merge sounds, etc. I wanted to convey a sense of calmness, or peace. I picked four different sounds which I found on a website called pdsounds which I will link below in the tutorial. These sounds were (1) rain on a window, (2) birds chirping in the morning , (3) animals in a rain forest and (4) waves on a pebble beach. I felt they convey a sense of calmness and peace in the listener. Here is how I did this assignment:

  1. I searched on Google for audio files which I could download, and I found pdsounds. They offer a vast library of various audio files.
  2. I searched the pdsounds website for audio files which I felt depicted the emotion I wished to convey.
  3. Download the audio files to your desktop.
  4. I used Audacity to create this audio assignment. (Super helpful, and somewhat easy to use program.)
  5. Import all 4 audio files to Audacity.
  6. Use the “Selection Tool” to highlight the select times in the individual files you would like to use.
  7. After selecting the sections, click the “Trim Audio” button. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for the remaining audio files you’ve uploaded.
  8. At this point, you can move the different audio segments around into a certain order using the “Time Shift Tool”.
  9. When finished, go to “File”, then “Export Audio”. Save as an MP3 file.
  10. Upload to SoundCloud and publish for everyone to listen!

I think I did well on this, it being my first Audio Assignment for the class. I hope you all enjoy, and feel a great sense of peace while listening!



One thought on “PEACE through Sound- Audio Assignment 1551

  1. Emma S.

    I love the sounds you put together! I could fall asleep to this track, its quite smoothing. I’m also glad you put down your steps for how to work audacity because I was having trouble with it and you just solved a piece of my puzzle.#talkingpolack106


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