No Smiling at this Party

For my final Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to complete Birthdays are the Worst for 2.5 stars bringing my total for the week to 8.5 stars! I thought I would really enjoy this assignment because I enjoy this kind of photo editing so far for the class. Here is my creation!

Everyone knows that birthdays never live up to expectations. For this assignment, you need to find a picture of yourself where you look upset and use photo editing software to add a birthday hat and party decorations. Bonus points if you’re in a group of people and you’re all wearing hats.

A very Sad Birthday

Story behind the picture: my sister and I took this picture on a cruise that we took over the summer to Bermuda. We purposefully made sad/angry facial expressions because at the time we were headed back home and away from the warm weather and paradise! It works perfectly for this assignment. Below is a tutorial on how I completed the assignment:

  1. Go to Pixlr.
  2. Use Pixlr Express.
  3. Upload you selected picture.
  4. For the party images (hats, cake, text):
      1. Go to Stickers feature or Text feature. OR…
      2. Search for clip art images via Google. **Make sure when using these images you use images that have a gray & white checked background! This means that it will paste onto your original picture without a white background.
  5. When image completed, save and upload to website of your choice. (I uploaded these to my flickr account.)

I enjoyed this assignment. It was fun to add a little happiness to a sad photo!

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