Name that Book!

For one of my last video assignments over these two weeks, I decided to complete Name that Book! I was very excited about this one, being an English major and lover of books. Now I finally had the chance to title my very own book, that maybe I could possibly write you sense my hesitation? Just the thought of sitting down and writing an entire book is daunting, however it’s something on my personal bucket list. Here is what the assignment specifically asks you to do, for 3.5 stars.

For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in quick succession using the app. Then upload the video and have your classmates guess the book title!

Can you guess the title of my book?


Back story: The book I’ve always wanted to right is more of a personal reflection/memoir to my late mother. She passed away from cancer my freshman year of college, and it’s such a pivotal moment in my life and transition to adulthood. Her life and death literally made me the person I am today, and for that she is my hero. Someday, I would like to write a book, no matter how short or long, documenting our relationship and the power and strength she displayed until the very end. She’s my inspiration always. The title of my book comes from her Life Verse in the Bible, Philippians 4:13. There’s your hint for the title! Maybe someday this dream will become a reality, but for now I have the unending memories of her life on repeat in my head until I set them to paper.

One thought on “Name that Book!

  1. melissa miranda

    I cant guess the name of the book you want to write. However, write book that you want to write, do not wait on an opportunity to writing it because u know u will get published. Write it because you want to take everything that you have inside out in paper….


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