My Pug is Smarter than your Honor Student- Audio Assignment 1725

For my final audio assignment of the week, I chose to create my own tagline if I were on the Real Housewives. My roommates and I joke around that we’re actually the Real Housewives of Fredericksburg, so this came to me pretty quickly! Enjoy!

If any of you have read my blog, you know I’m obsessed with my pug. If I were on the Real Housewives, my pug would definitely be my baby/child/obsession. It’s casual, but in all seriousness I get tired of seeing those bumper stickers: “My child is an honor student at blah blah blah middle school!”, so I felt my character would appropriately mock that tagline. And my pug probably isn’t smarter than your honor student, but I’m self-centered and entitled, so therefore you can’t convince me otherwise.


Here is how I completed the assignment:

  1. Use SoundCloud to record your voice.
  2. Go to Upload, and select “record.”
  3. Speak clearly into your microphone, recording until pleased with the result.
  4. Upload and publish for all to enjoy!

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