My Digital Trip to Australia

For my first web assignment this week, I decided to complete Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest for 3.5 stars! Super fun and exciting since I’m already an active user/participant in the Pinterest world. With PInterest, you can create boards on your profile for common topics/themes such as food, crafts, vacations, etc. Then you search through the search bar the specific items you want to find, or you can browse through the general sections available as well. After you find a picture you like, you can click on it and follow it to the original link/website, or pin it to your board for later! It’s a genius idea for finding and saving recipes and outfit ideas. I was already familiar with the layout of the website, so all that was left became deciding where I wanted to go on my dream vacation. For years now, I have always wanted to travel to Australia! Pictures from this place are gorgeous, and the area is filled with rich culture and delicious food. It also strikes me as a place teeming with endless amounts of activities and tourist destinations. I would find it hard to believe that upon visiting Australia, one would be bored and find nothing to do. Below, I will embed a link to the board I created for my virtual trip to Australia and all of the essential information one would need.

My Dream Vacation

  1. Culture of the Aboriginals (family life, art, etc.)
  2. Destinations & Traveling Tips
    1. the Outback
    2. the best beaches
    3. pink-colored Lake Hillier
    4. the Great Ocean Road
    5. National Parks
  3. Popular restaurants & recipes
  4. Fun/Unique Facts
  5. General Tips/Info

I feel that by looking at the Pinterest board I created, most people would be able to come away with a general sense of what a vacation to Australia would be like. Unfortunately, my board does not take into account the logistics of the vacation (save for the pin on traveling to Australia on a budget). But, the pins I compiled showcase the beautiful scenery and culture available to someone considering a vacation down-under! This was an incredibly fun assignment for DS106, and it only makes me want to travel to Australia even more than before!

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