Love Me Like You Do (Slow-Mo)

For my final audio assignment of the week, I decided to complete Make it 800% Slower. This assignment asks you to find a song and experiment with the tempo, making the song an ambient piece of music. I chose Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and used Audacity to edit it. Below is my SoundCloud upload of the final project and a detailed set of instructions on how I completed this assignment. I feel that now that the song is slower, it tells a completely different story. And if anything, it at least elicits a different emotional response from the listeners. In this case, slower tempos will causes listeners to feel more a sense of peace and calm. However, because of the quality of my mp3 that I began with, the slow-mo song is not as calm and peaceful as I would like. There are some glitches in the finished product and “hiccups” in the audio. Overall though I feel that I completed this assignment to the best of my ability.

I can’t figure out why, but for some reason it will only play the first 27 seconds. I am beyond frustrated with this. The actual product was about 15 minutes long. Below I have embedded the song which I originally downloaded to my computer at it’s desired length. Unfortunately, SoundCloud is just not my friend today.


  1. Use Audacity to upload mp3 of selected song.
  2. To make the song slower, use the “Change Tempo” feature found in the “effects” tab.
  3. Then upload final product to SoundCloud or other social media site of your choice!

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