Love at First Shot- Kaleidoscope

This week, we had a Visual Assignment required within our Design Assignments. Love at First Shot asks you to take an image of a couple obviously in love and tell their story, With a twist from Dr. Polack we also had to use a photo editing software to change something significant about the picture. I chose to use an image of my fiance and I from our engagement pictures last January. It was so so cold, but we were very happy 🙂

Here is the original image:


Here is the edited image:


Because this is a picture of my fiance and I, I can give a simplified version of our own love story.

High School Sweethearts, or Middle School?

Douglas and Amanda met in seventh grade English class. Although they didn’t know it at the time, their hearts were destined to be together someday. At first, they started as just friends, each thinking the other was so nice and friendly. They had both started going to public school for the first time since leaving private Christian schools, so everything was new and different. They liked having someone around to talk to in class.

Eighth grade came around, but Douglas and Amanda didn’t have any classes together, so they grew apart.

Then high school started. Douglas and Amanda suddenly had their lunch periods together and struck up their friendship again. They grew a lot closer over the cheap mac n’ cheese and fruit cups. Amanda didn’t know, but Douglas liked her. He thought she was nice and cute. Douglas got Amanda’s phone number from a friend and started texting her. Amanda, being the nice person she was, texted him back and was happy for his friendship. Towards the end of freshman year, Douglas asked Amanda out and they dated for a couple of days, but it didn’t last long.

Sophomore year came around, and Amanda and Douglas grew closer as friends, not really thinking about a relationship. They tried to date off and on throughout the year. However, on May 23, 2010, they made it official and have been together ever since.

Douglas has been by Amanda’s side through some of life’s hardest experiences: long distance relationships, her mom passing away and her dad getting remarried. They both see their love as truly a blessing and one of a kind, so Douglas decided to make it official and ask Amanda to marry him. If you talked to Amanda, she would say “it’s about time!” but God truly does have perfect timing. Amanda and Douglas are happily engaged now and looking forward to their wedding on January 17, 2016!!


I made this image through Pixlr. The edit was actually very simple, while also creating a unique and interesting final image. I used the Pixlr Editor, then went to Filter, and then Kaleidoscope. Once there, you can adjust the various kaleidoscope settings to your desired level.

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