Layer Tennis- The Space Pug

For my final Design Assignment of the week, I decided to try my hands at Layer Tennis!

Layer Tennis is a two player game, so for this assignment you’ll need a partner. To count, this game must be played in public on Twitter so we all can watch! Find a willing partner who will play with you. Begin by posting a tweet on twitter announcing a new match. Include the twitter names of the two players, use the hashtag #ds106Layers and upload an image (preferably funny) that will be the first serve.

Your partner must now edit the original photograph into something new and amazing, but the new picture must contain some element or aspect of the original. The partner then replies to the original tweet with the new image and the #ds106Layers tag.

This back and forth play continues on Twitter, by editing and improving the previous image and replying to the previous tweet. Play continues until both players have edited and posted three images. After these six images have been completed, the ds106 community can debate who prevailed in the match.

I asked Douglas to help me complete this assignment given that he has taken the class before. I figured he could provide some legit edits to the pictures! I was right 🙂 In fact, he did more than I even knew how to do, and I learned quite a bit from watching his edits! Below I will embed the various tweets in chronological order and go into the details of how they were done after each image. I will also tell the story as I go. (These will all be bolded text.)

This is the original image. Douglas and I took Zoe to Petco to buy some fun treats and meet other animals/people. I figured that this would be a good spot to find a funny picture to start our Layer Tennis game! Above is a picture of Zoe making friends with a guinea pig. I’m not quite sure what her end goal was, but she was definitely very curious.

This is Douglas’s first edit (He used Pixlr.) He cropped Zoe out of the picture and pasted her image on a space background. Thus, we have space pug. It was now my challenge to change space pug and maybe set her up for an adventure!

For my first edit, I used Pixlr as well. To avoid redundancy, I will say now that we used Pixlr for all of our edits in this game of Layer Tennis. Using Pixlr Editor, I Inverted the colors and added space helmets onto all the space pugs via (Layer, then Image URL as Layer). Space pug needs to breathe if she wants to go on any adventures! Let’s see what Douglas did next…

For his second edit, Douglas re-inverted the colors and added an American Flag image onto the planet in the space sky. It seems that space pug is patriotic. But will she run into any issues as she claims America’s place in the night sky…?

Oh no! In my edit, it seems that and alien has come upon space pug and put her in a trance! Space pug is seeing multiples of everything. The whole atmosphere is spinning! How will space pug prevail? (For this edit, I used the Kaleidoscope feature in Pixlr found under the Filter tab. At this point you can manipulate the various levels of the feature to your desired setting.)

For his final edit, Douglas added space ships into the image. It seems that the alien has called in for back up. So many space pugs, yet only one alien. Space pug is still in her trance. What can she possible do to overcome?

In my final edit, I used a tool for color replacement. You hit ctrl and click on the color in the image you want to select. Then, you start clicking and coloring over what you want to change to the selected color. I chose to replicate the color of the alien onto space pug’s collar. In the end, space pug could not overcome the power of the alien’s trance, but they made a deal. Space pug agreed to join the alien forces in order to rule and keep the planet. Sorry America, but space pug has her own plans for galaxy domination.


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