Hillsong United’s Greatest Hits, According to Me- Audio Assignment 1018

I chose to do the mashup of one of our favorite musical artists. I chose Hillsong United, a Christian band with roots in Australia. I love love love them and all of their music. I chose 5 different songs, and you will hear them in this order when you listen to my track: (1) Oceans, (2) I Surrender, (3) One Thing, (4) Still and (5) Touch the Sky. Below is how I completed the assignment:

  1. Search for and download mp3 audio files of your favorite artist/songs. I used a website called MP3Juices, where you can search for a specific artist and download the mp3 file directly to your desktop.
  2. Use Audacity to mix/mashup audio files.
  3. Import mp3 files to Audacity.
  4. Trim the selected songs to the desired times you would like to play in the mashup.
    1. Use the “Selection Tool” to highlight the select times in the individual files you would like to use.
    2. After selecting the sections, click the “Trim Audio” button. Repeat these steps for the remaining audio files you’ve uploaded.
    3. At this point, you can move the different audio segments around into a certain order using the “Time Shift Tool”.
  5. When finished, go to “File”, then “Export Audio”. Save as an MP3 file.
  6. Upload to SoundCloud and publish for everyone to listen!

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