Don’t Miss Manassas, VA!

I also decided to complete What Are You Missing Nearby. This was an interesting assignment to complete. I recently moved to Manassas, VA in July of 2015 from Woodbridge, VA so it really was only a matter or 10 miles or so. I’d spent plenty of time in Manassas before, but after this assignment I never realized how many attractions and natural landmarks I had been missing out on! I definitely need to take advantage of these spots before venturing into the rest of the world. Some of these places I’ve known about and some I’d never heard of until today! Here is my image:

What are you missing nearby?

  1. Manassas National Battlefield Park– Such a beautiful place! I’ve driven by plenty of times, and my mom is actually buried in a cemetery on the battlefields. Super cool, but I’ve never taken the time to tour and discover more of the history behind the battlegrounds.
  2. Ben Lomond Manor House– This was one of the attraction I had never heard of before. They even feature a beautiful rose garden and tours of the historic home!
  3. Hylton Performing Arts Center– I performed here with my high school chorus in high school in a singing of Carmina Burana. It was definitely an experience that I hold memorable, but I never considered revisiting as a spectator to enjoy a performance not given by myself!
  4. Old Town Manassas– Now, this was one that I slapped myself in the face for not taking full advantage of in my time here. I love, literally LOVE, old town/downtown areas (like downtown Fredericksburg). I live for the antique stores, quaint bookstores and homey coffee shops. Honestly, I’ll probably end up here over Fall Break next weekend!

How I created the image:

I took a break from Pixlr, and used a website called picisto that allows you to make various collages of different shapes, sizes and number of images. The website is pretty self-explanatory and user-friendly, so I won’t go into detailed instructions because I assume you all are smart individuals!

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