A Life in Two Minutes- A Proposal!

For my first Audio Storytelling assignment this week, I decided to complete A Life in Two Minutes (2.5 stars) which asks you to explain, in your own words, a significant moment (or problem) in a life. This could be a friend’s life or your own. I chose to create an audio story of how Douglas proposed to me last December! It was an incredible day and the best story that I get to recount to family, friends and now all of the DS106 community! Enjoy!

Basically, Douglas proposed to me and it was an incredible surprise! He did it in the least likely place and time, catching me perfectly off guard. I’m forever thankful that we’re together and have the opportunity to spend the rest of our lives together!

I actually discovered that you can record and upload audio straight through the SoundCloud website. So, I did this instead of running the Audacity program to record my audio story. All I did before hand was gather my thoughts about the day so that I could tell the story in the most efficient (2 minutes or less!) and understandable way. If you have any other questions, please comment below! But I feel that this was pretty straightforward.

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