A Christmas Pug Miracle!

Another of the video assignments I completed this week was What Do You Love? for 3.5 stars. {Choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources! }

Many people, hopefully, can already tell from my other blog posts that i LOVE PUGS! Literally, they are my life, so obviously I had to make a video showcasing pugs and they’re little curly tails. However, in an attempt to tell you all something new about myself, I decided to include elements of something else that I love which is CHRISTMAS! It’s my favorite holiday/time/season out of the entire year. And yes, I am one of those individuals who sports the Christmas gear and decorations directly after Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving too, but Christmas is just something special all by itself. If I could make it Christmas every day, I honestly think life would be perfect. So given now that you know I love pugs and Christmas, here is a video I created showcasing my two favorite things. Enjoy these little puggies dressed in their Christmas best!

I found all of the images for my video through Pinterest, and credit is given at the end to each Pin. I used a Christmas song found on Youtube which I converted to an mp3 and then uploaded to Windows Live Movie Maker. The entire video was assembled and edited via the Movie Maker.

I think this video tells a great story of Christmas joy and pug smiles. I honestly got all giddy and happy inside when I watched the final product! It reminded me not only of my pug back home, but of the coming Christmas season and the great joy I feel being around family and friends during my favorite holiday. I hope that you all got similar feelings and are looking forward to celebrating your respective holidays with those you love most!

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