Week15 & Finals Summary

I can hardly believe that I am almost done with DS106! This semester has been filled with many interesting, eye-opening and educational opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve had in any other class at Mary Washington. DS106 truly is a unique Digital Storytelling/Social Media class. I’ve learned about countless tools for visual/audio/video editing, as well as how to better explain the stories and feelings behind these digital creations.

I think that the most important thing I learned from this class though is that everything tells a story. As an English major, I can see the value of this in literature and physical objects that we can touch and feel. However, this class taught me that DIGITAL creations, ones that we can’t physically touch, also tell stories. I had been blissfully ignorant to this fact, until DS106 came around. Now I can’t view anything on the Internet, Facebook, etc. without crafting a story around the image or video. It’s incredibly amazing the powers which digital storytelling places in the hands of anyone with access to a computer. Even the poorest crafted digital creations tell a story. Although you can have great advantages in digital storytelling with specific softwares and tools, anyone can be a digital storyteller. I think that is the greatest lesson I learned from this class.

Below is my final creation and digital story for DS106! Enjoy my story as well as the two tutorials I completed to finish out my experience with Digital Storytelling.

Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

Media Elements in Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

Tattoos 4Life- Tutorial

Google History Maps Story- Tutorial

Google History Maps Story- Tutorial

Here is my tutorial on how to complete the assignment Google History Maps Story:

  1. Go to Google Maps. The page should look like this: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.51.28 PM - Edited
  2. Go to MenuMy Maps–Create MapScreenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.52.57 PM - Edited
  3. At this point, you can title your map what you please and give it a description.
  4. Add locations to your map, documenting the life of the person you’ve chosen.
    • Search for the specific location in the search bar (e.g. “Frankfurt, Germany”). Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.54.38 PM - Edited
    • After finding location, click Add to map.
    • Edit the title and description of the location, as well as the icon/symbol and color to desired setting. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.56.23 PM - Edited
    • Repeat step 4 until all desired locations are on the map.
  5. Add lines to your map, connecting all of the locations.
    • Under the search bar, click on the symbol that looks like 3 dots connected by a line. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.58.37 PM - Edited
    • Start with the cursor on the first location in the timeline, and drag the line to the second location.
    • Press Enter on your keyboard. You will then be given the option to customize the appearance of the line as well as it’s title and description. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 2.00.26 PM - Edited
    • Repeat step 5 until all desired lines are on the map.
  6. Drag your set locations and lines to the desired order via the left bar on the side. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 2.01.52 PM - Edited
  7. Your map automatically saves, so at this point you’re done! Congratulations on creating your own Google Map!

Tattoos 4Life- Tutorial

Although there other tutorials exist for the assignment, I found another way for someone to complete this.

Many people like to know what their tattoo will look like before even entering the tattoo parlor, so I googled around and found a Tattoo Font Generator online. It’s completely free and very user-friendly.

  1. Go to Tattoo Font Generator, or type in tattoofontgenerator.net. The page should look like this: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.16.51 PM
  2. The generator then has many features you can customize: TextFontArc, Direction, Size, Style, Forecolor, Backcolor. Below I will give a description on what each feature represents:
    1. Text: Allows you to type in the words, letters, etc.
    2. Font: Allows customization if you’d like the letter to be represented as symbols, be in script, typewriter, etc.
    3. Arc: Gives the text a curved feature, rather than running straight across in a line.
    4. Direction: Which direction do you want the text running? Use this feature to customize Up vs. Down.
    5. Size: Customize the overall font size: larger or smaller depending on where on the body the tattoo will be placed.
    6. Style: Normal or Italics.
    7. Forecolor: Change the color of the text itself. The generator offers shades ranging from black to gray.
    8. Backcolor: Customize skin tone. This gives you a great idea of what the tattoo will look like against your specific skin tone.
  3. Because this generator is user-friendly, it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of customizing the different elements of your tattoo in order to best represent your personality. When completed, the generator should look like this with all of the features filled in: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.11.34 PM - Edited
  4. In order to embed the final product in your blog post, I took the screenshot and cropped out the generated tattoo. You can do this with any photo-editing software. You can then upload this picture to your post and begin to tell the story behind your tattoo. The picture will look like this: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.30.23 PM - Edited
  5. In order to add different color effects to each picture you will include in the collage to tell the different stories, use a photo-editing software like Pixlr.
    1. Go to Pixlr Editor.
    2. Upload the picture of your tattoo. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.32.52 PM - Edited
    3. To change color effects, go to Adjustment in the top tool bar. Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.41.31 PM - Edited
    4. Scroll through this tool, choosing different effects for your tattoo (e.g. Invert, Sepia, Solarize, etc.) Here is an example of what Invert would look like: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.35.33 PM - Edited
    5. Once you’ve chosen and saved your different tattoos, it’s time to upload them into a collage. I like to use this great website that allows you to generate collages for free: BeFunky.
      1. At the website, click Get Started. This will take you to another screen that allows you to edit the template/layout/patterns/etc of the collage. It should look like this: Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 1.38.36 PM - Edited
      2. You can then upload the different pictures you generated with Pixlr, and the finished product can be saved and embedded into your blog post!

Media Elements in Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

If you’ve found your way to this post, it’s probably because you’ve experienced my digital story about the Little Gingerbread Man! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then head to my blog post here which has the story.

This post is meant to be an explanation of the separate media elements I created in order to tell the story of the Gingerbread Man, as well as links to my appropriate sources and references.

  1. Time Lapse (How To: Gingerbread Man) [4.5 stars]
  • Video Assignment: Show Me How!
  • You can complete this assignment with a GoPro or Time Lapse App. I used a Samsung S5 phone (other phones may have this feature, but I am not sure).
  • Go to the camera–camera settings–recording mode–fast motion.
  • Select the speed, and start recording! (When you go back to watch the video it will automatically be a “speed” version of the original recording).
  • Upload the video to your computer in order to edit. Use Windows Movie Maker, or another video editing program.
  • You can then edit the features in the movie maker, like title and credits.
  • To add music: upload any mp3 file you would like. (I used an mp3 version of Carol of the Bells that I had on my computer.)
  • Save and share!

2. Rock/Metal Theme Song [6.5 stars]

  • Audio Assignment: Your Theme Song…Remix Assignment: Your Theme Song [Remixed]: Go Emo
  • Use an audio editing program, like Audacity, to mix/combine/edit your audio. I used Audacity to complete this assignment.
  • Find the instrumental music you’d like to have for your theme song. In order to download from Youtube: use VidtoMp3.
  • Download the mp3 and import the audio into Audacity (I used Dauntless- Metal Instrumental (Original Music)).
  • For sound effects (I used clapping- remixed from Samantha Telford’s Theme Song on her blog. She had clapping in the background of her song, so I added this element to the Gingerbread Man’s theme song!): use SoundBible.
  • Download the various sounds you’d like to use, and import them into Audacity.
  • Rearrange the order of music and sounds with the Time Shift Tool, dragging the selections back and forth.
  • To have sounds repeating throughout (like the clapping): Copy the entire sound clip, then paste in other areas you would like the sound to play. (see repeated sound clip below) Untitled
  • When completed, export the Audio file and upload to SoundCloud or any other social media platform.

3. Wanted Poster [2.5 stars]

  • Visual Assignment: WANTED Poster
  • Use wanted poster generator given in the description of the assignment.
  • Edit features & elements of the generator in order to create your own wanted poster.
  • Download & share.

Screenshot 2015-12-05 at 3.29.33 PM

4. Cheesy Travel Itinerary [7.5 stars]

  • Design Assignment: Travel Far Far Away…Remix Assignment: Travel Far Far Away [Remixed]: Turn Up The Cheese
  • For Remix element, I used the travel itinerary from The Life of Skye’s blog post as a template. I changed some of the elements, wording, etc. (This is totally up to you what you want to keep or change, but make it your own!)
  • Input template into Google Docs, Micrsoft Word Doc. I used Google Docs.
  • Change text, colors, & images, keeping in mind that you want to make this cheesy! Screenshot 2015-12-05 at 3.35.02 PM
  • Tricky Party: embedding the Google Doc into the WordPress post. I installed a specific plug-in called “Google Docs Shortcode”.
  • Go to Plugins- Add New.
  • Search for the name of the plugin I listed above (Google Docs Shortcode).
  • Install plugin, follow given directions.
  • To learn how to embed the shortcode go here.
  • Embed and publish!


Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

Once upon a time, there was a little old couple who lived in a cabin in the woods near a rocky, quick-flowing river. The little old woman asked her husband what he would like for dinner that night, and he was feeling exceptionally festive. They decided to celebrate Christmas early by making holiday treats and cookies. The little old man was especially excited for the gingerbread men cookies. They had always been his favorite to eat as a child.

Because the little old woman loved her husband, she made the biggest batch of gingerbread cookie dough. She rolled it flat and cut it in the shape of a gingerbread man. After cutting out his shape, the little old woman went to decorate the little gingerbread man. Luckily, she made a video below on how to decorate the best gingerbread man! She hoped her children and grandchildren would follow in her footsteps up cookie decoration.


After decorating the gingerbread man with his mouth, eyes, and buttons, the little old woman placed him on a cookie sheet and then into the oven to bake. The little old man could hardly contain himself as he smelled the sweet ginger coming in from the kitchen.

When the gingerbread man was done, the little old woman opened the door of the oven, her husband waiting impatiently behind her, ready to sink his teeth in. But, before she could take him out, the Little Gingerbread Man jumped up off the cookie sheet, ran through the kitchen and out the door!

He cried loudly,”Don’t eat me!” as the little old couple followed him out the door. In his head, the Little Gingerbread Man played his theme song loudly. Only this could give him the energy and motivation to run as fast as he could.

After chasing the Little Gingerbread Man for some minutes, the Little Gingerbread Man stopped and turned to face the little old couple. They were shocked, stopping mid stride as well.

“Come closer,” the Little Gingerbread Man said. The little old couple was confused, and in their confusion they approached the Little Gingerbread Man. Suddenly, smack, crunch, crack! The Little Gingerbread Man ate the little old couple! (What?!)

In the distance, a farmyard of pigs and cows turned around just in time to witness the Little Gingerbread Man eating the little old couple. Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow started toward the Little Gingerbread Man. The Little Gingerbread Man started to run again as fast as he could crying loudly, “Don’t eat me!” as Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow followed him across the field.

After chasing the Little Gingerbread Man for some minutes, the Little Gingerbread Man stopped and turned to Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow. They were shocked, stopping mid stride as well.

“Come closer,” the Little Gingerbread Man said. Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow were confused, and in their confusion they approached the Little Gingerbread Man. Suddenly, smack, crunch, crack! The Little Gingerbread Man ate Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow!

In the distance, the police pack of foxes turned around just in time to witness the Little Gingerbread Man eating Mr. Pig and Mrs. Cow. Chief Foxy started toward the Little Gingerbread Man. The Little Gingerbread Man started to run again as fast as he could crying loudly, “Don’t eat me!” as Chief Foxy followed him toward the river.

After chasing the Little Gingerbread Man for some minutes, the Little Gingerbread Man stopped and turned to Chief Foxy. Staring each other done, the mental battle lasted some minutes. Suddenly, the Little Gingerbread Man leaped with all his might and energy across the raging river. By some act of the Cookie Gods, the Little Gingerbread Man landed safely on the other side in one piece, not a crumb out of place.

Chief Foxy had a childhood fear of water and swimming. She sadly watched the Little Gingerbread Man run off into the distance, avoiding capture and questioning. Returning to the station, Chief Foxy drafted a wanted poster for the Little Gingerbread Man, hoping to catch him soon.


However, the Little Gingerbread Man was quick and smart. He had already drafted his escape plan during the last few minutes of baking within the oven. His travel itinerary was set. He would be safe and sound in Milan for many years to come.

**To see how the elements of this Digital Story were created see my blog post here for tutorials and explanation.

Weekly Summary 13 & 14

These past 2 weeks in DS106, we have been working on Remix/Mashup assignments. Many of the things created combined and manipulated already generated content and material, asking us to further transform these things in order to tell a new story. I really enjoyed many of these assignments. They allowed us to utilized other techniques we’ve learned in the class all semester, including video, audio, and visual editing skills. I also think that remix/mashup assignments ask for a different kind of creativity than other assignments. You not only have to create something and tell a story, but you have to transform the base elements in order to avoid copying/copywright. It really gives us an opportunity to stretch our imaginations and take our ideas further than the prompts themselves.

Below are all of the assignments I completed for Weeks 13 & 14:

  1. Remix Assignment- Emo Love Poem by E.E. Cummings
  2. Mashup Assignments [9 total stars]
    1. My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins [4 stars]
    2. Pintergram [2.5 stars]
    3. Holiday Mashup [3 stars]
  3. Daily Creates
    1. Best time of the day: reading and my morning cup of coffee.
    2. RED: Starbucks cup…yes, I accept the fact that I am a basic white girl.
    3. Reading of my favorite poem: “If those I loved were lost” by Emily Dickinson.

Holiday Mashup

For my final Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to create and complete my own assignment called Holiday Mashup worth 3 stars! I wasn’t feeling super enthusiastic about any of the other assignments. With the holiday season coming up, I am feeling very enthusiastic about Thanksgiving and Christmas though! I decided it would be great to give people the opportunity to creatively mashup their favorite holidays and cultural traditions. The assignment asks you to visually combine your top THREE favorites, creating a new character and telling the story behind that character. The goal is to preserve elements from each holiday/tradition you choose, while also formulating a new holiday/tradition out of the combination. My favorite holidays are: 1. Christmas, 2. Thanksgiving, and 3. Easter. I combined these into one, cohesive character below!


This character is the thankful Christmas bunny! He still has all of his Easter Eggs filled with treats, but each also contains a slip of paper (like a fortune cookie) which gives the recipient of the egg one of the things the bunny is thankful for. He has two little buddies, the bird and the turkey who help him deliver the thankful eggs to all the little children, like how Santa gives presents to little kids! If someone was bad that year, they received an egg that asks them to do something nice for someone else. I think by mashing up these three holidays, I have created a unique character that challenges both children and adults to be conscious of their actions and to live gratefully, while also being rewarded for their kindness.

I created this image with Pixlr, an online photo editing software. I used clipart images to create this character, all found through Google searches. I then added each image onto the picture by opening them up as a layer through the copied URL. I resized and positioned each image to make one cohesive character image.


For my second Mashup Assignment, I completed Twittr for 2.5 stars. The goal of this assignment is to combine two or more of your favorite websites using a Photoshop software. You want to try and be creative, giving the site a new name while also maintaining some of the elements of each site. I decided to combine Instagram and Pinterest, two of my favorite social media platforms. Instagram allows you to post pictures with filters and captions, while sharing them with family and friends. Pinterest allows you to “pin” or save pictures of fun recipes, outfits, photography, etc. By combining the two, we have PINTERGRAM! A fun and versatile website allowing you to take pictures of your likes and interests, and giving other users the ability to save these pictures in their own folders for later use or entertainment. Here is the logo that would be used!


I created this image through Pixlr, an online photo editing software. I simply cropped the current logos for both PInterest and Instagram and then copied them directly next to each other. Then for the image logo, I used the Instagram camera and placed a clipart image of the PInterest logo onto the lens of the camera.


My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins

For my first Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to complete Mashing Friends and Emojis for 4 stars! I was very excited for this assignment, and I am obsessed with emojis and using them in all forms of texting conversation. The express your feelings in a unique way that words cannot do on their own. Words definitely hold a lot of meaning, but I think it’s very cool how a symbol/picture can also hold just as much, or more, meaning than the word itself! I decided to use two pictures of my favorite people, Douglas and my sister Diana. Surprisingly, this assignment wasn’t too hard because I have a number of choice pictures of the two of them making funny faces. Here are their emoji twins!

BeFunky Collage

I created this collage through BeFunky! It’s a great website that gives many templates and options to create picture/video collages. All I had to do was pick my desired template and then upload the images from my computer. I found the emoji images through a Google search, and already had the images of Diana and Douglas saved on my computer. I love that without even trying, they both perfectly match their emoji twins 🙂 Douglas got the annoyed face emoji. In this moment he was definitely annoyed because I was taking too many pictures. He usually lasts for about 3-4 pictures, then gives up and shoots me one of these faces. My sister stole my phone at one point this year and took several beautiful pictures like the one above. I chose this one because it immediately made me think of the emoji sticking its tongue out!

What do you think? Are they twinning?

Emo Love Poem- E.E. Cummings

For my remix assignment this week in DS106, I was randomly generated and assigned Poetry Art [Remixed]: Go Emo. The original assignment asks you to take a favorite poem and create a poster for it using photo editing software. The remix then tells you to remix the assignment with a dark/emo theme, using black colors and dark images. I looked through the original poems people had posted for the assignment, but none of them were my favorite, so I decided to stick with one of my favorite poems by E.E. Cummings. Here is my emo poster poem.


Clearly the remix changes the meaning of the original poem. The original carries a meaning of deep and profound love that transcends the soul and mind. It’s often read at weddings and anniversaries to this day, providing a great example of the love that many couples wish to experience in their relationships. However, with the “emo remix” one can see the poem now holds a darker meaning. The black colors and sad couple in the bottom corner give the poem a somber tone, rather than an uplifting and powerful tone as before. It comes off much more depressive and melancholic. However, I think the love of this couple still transcends time and space.

I created this image via Pixlr. I used images found through Google as the background and used the text feature to add in the text of the poem.

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 1.22.47 PM